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Let’s work together! IT Support for your Business

Business owners- are you lacking expertise for things like IT support, Hardware/Software and Network Management? Do you struggle to find advice for certain IT projects but can’t afford to hire an IT expert on-staff? We hear you, and we’re here for you.         Network Management         IT Support         Remote Helpdesk Support         Unattended Remote Support         Performance and Preventative

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Jamestown Office Addition

In case you haven’t heard yet, we have some exciting things happening in the Jamestown office! We are in the process of building an addition onto the existing office, which will allow for more workspace and storage, as well as a larger training area and conference room. Construction began in the beginning of May, and

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3 Steps to Smooth Streaming

This NEVER-ENDING winter has us all going a little bonkers staying indoors, are we right? What we’ll call “bonus” winter weather also has us streaming to the MAX. So we thought we would drop you a few tips to make sure you are streaming seamlessly! 3 STEPS TO OPTIMIZE YOUR STREAMING EXPERIENCE: 1-Check your connection:

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Spring Sun Outages

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, you may experience brief television interference known as “sun outages” or “satellite sun fade.” This happens when energy from the sun overpowers satellites’ signals, which in turn causes interference with TV quality picture and sound. Interruption to TV service due to sun outages can last several minutes a

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