Broadband & baseball

How Giants Snacks became the snack of choice for every American baseball league A few years ago, it was an otherwise ordinary afternoon at Giants Snacks in Wahpeton, ND, when the phone rang with an unknown number. Jason Schuler, a sales manager at the time, answered. “Hello?” “Hello, I’m a manager for the New York

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Business Spotlight: Zen Sleep Consulting

This issue’s Business Spotlight is unique, as it is a 100% online based business with no storefront. Zen Sleep Consulting is based out of Annie Schlecht’s home in Wimbledon, ND. One would think that the business of sleep consulting would require in-person meetings, and while Annie does consult with each client face-to-face, it is all

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BAND: Building a North Dakota that Works Smarter AND Harder

Hilary Mehrer grew up like most North Dakotans– in a small town. She always knew when to come home. As soon as that evening whistle echoed through the town, she had better be walking through their door or she knew there would be trouble. And, if she wasn’t there, her parents always seemed to know

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Tech Tip Thursday

Introducing…Tech Tip Thursday! We are excited to launch our BRAND NEW social media series where we will share answers to the most frequently asked questions about technology, tips and tricks and most importantly, any questions you may have for us! We will share helpful apps, scam alerts, product reviews, and so much more! On this

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December Free Preview Event

The New Year’s Free Preview event invites customers to experience the best of HBO and CINEMAX and provides the perfect opportunity to catch-up or binge watch all that both have to offer, including the year’s biggest movies and of course, don’t miss the annual Game of Thrones marathon event! Find the coziest seat in the

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