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Call Screening

Introducing the new telephone feature: Call Screening.

This feature blocks RoboCalls, remembers familiar long distance numbers, and enables subscribers to add specific Blocked and Allowed numbers. Call screening allows local calls to complete without intercepting them. When telemarketers do call, they hear the announcement “The number you have reached does not accept calls from Telemarketers. If you are a Telemarketer, please add this number to your Do Not Call list and hang up now. Otherwise, please press ‘1’ or stay on the line.” Regular long distance callers will hear the announcement the first time they call, then the service ‘learns’ that they are an accepted caller.

Local Calling Areas

  • 285 Edmunds
  • 424 Streeter
  • 486 Medina
  • 435 Courtenay
  • 485 Gackle
  • 489 Ypsilanti
  • 674 Grace City
  • 652 Carrington
  • 752 Woodworth
  • 763 Windsor
  • 962 Bowdon
  • 984 Sykeston
  • 251, 252, 253, 952 Jamestown

Advanced Calling Features

Your DVR, improved. Now enjoy more storage, more streams, all saved to the cloud. 

Call Forwarding

Call Waiting

Caller ID

Three-Way Calling


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