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There are many TV streaming services, but deciding which ones are right for you can make your head spin! Now, you can use our new TV tool to get personalized recommendations that fit your budget!

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Did you know there is a world of streaming services beyond household favorites like Netflix, and Amazon Prime? To discover new content and decide what streaming apps fit your needs and budget, visit our marketplace!

Enhance your viewing experience with a new level of features. Enjoy everything you love about TV plus so much more. Shows, movies and local programming – live, recorded and on demand – in HD. A mobile app to stream your favorites on the device of your choice. And it’s simple, hassle-free and perfect for the entire family.


Locals Only

$ 37
  • Local broadcast channels only
  • Includes 2 streams and 50 DVR hours

Choice Package

$ 99
  • Over 100 of our most-watched channels including local broadcast, sports, movies, news and more!
  • Includes 2 streams and 50 DVR hours
  • *Includes Locals and Music channels


$ 110
  • Over 50 extra entertainment channels including Disney Jr., Discovery Kids, CMT Music, Movies, Sports and more!
  • Includes 2 streams and 50 DVR hours
  • *Includes: Locals, Choice, and Music channels

Supported Devices

Apple / Android / Amazon / +More

Dakota Central Streaming TV can be accessed on Apple, Amazon and Android devices. Follow the link to view the complete list of devices!
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