Unleash the world wide web.

Fast and reliable

With speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second.

No matter what device you’re connecting with or what you’re connecting for, stay connected with the best technology, service and experience.


$ 49
  • 60 Mbps down x 6 Mbps up
  • Check your email and surf the internet


$ 59
  • 100 Mbps down x 10 Mbps up
  • Multiple users streaming and downloading


$ 99
  • 200 Mbps down x 20 Mbps up
  • Multiple devices streaming and gaming

1 Gig

$ 184 /month
  • 1000 Mbps down x 1000 Mbps up
  • Symmetric download & upload speeds for the super user

Managed Wi-Fi

Let us, your service provider, easily manage your wireless Internet service in the cloud- safely and securely!

$4.95 /month

*Prices may vary based on location and other subscribed services. The price of standalone Internet is $10 higher for all Dakota Central Telecommunications Co-op and Dakota Central Telecom I customers located outside of the city of Carrington.


“The technician that installed my wireless router was top notch! He was very patient and polite when explaining the process to me. Very impressed!”

Delores – Jamestown, ND

“My wireless Internet from Daktel is so much faster than what I had with my previous Internet company! I love it!”

Linda – Carrington, ND