Managed Wi-Fi

Easy and secure Wi-Fi.

Your wi-fi, managed

Let us, your service provider, easily manage your wireless Internet in the cloud – safely and securely.

As technology advances and available bandwidth continues to increase, your equipment needs to be able to handle these changes. Along with speed increases, your equipment also needs to be able to support the newer technology in wireless devices, which older routers often do not support.


  • Cost of Wireless router (approx. $100 per 2 years)
  • Dealing with router issues
  • Needing to replace/upgrade equipment as usage and technology changes


  • No need to worry if your router is outdated or the wrong model
  • Local service and support
  • Ability for DCT Support to troubleshoot remotely which saves time and money
  • Scalability
$4.95 /month

To learn more about Managed Wi-Fi, chat with our Support Team, or contact the Helpdesk at 701.652.3184 or 701.952.1000.

Dakota Central Managed Wi-Fi Gigacenter Router