Business Spotlight: Milestones Early Learning, LLC

Located in Carrington, Milestones Early Learning, LLC is a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and community support. Founded by Whitney Carter, this childcare center has quickly become an integral part of Carrington’s economy, offering early childhood education and care for families since its establishment in 2022.

Whitney’s journey to creating Milestones began with a deep-rooted passion for early childhood education and a commitment to addressing the pressing need for quality childcare. After teaching preschool for several years, Whitney left the public-school setting to start her own business. The original Milestones location was established in Parshall, ND in 2019 as a way for her to not only fulfill a need in the community but to also raise her children while supporting her family at the same time. Upon moving to Carrington, Whitney was met with overwhelming support from the whole community and was able to bring Milestones to life in Carrington by transforming a former church into the vibrant daycare facility it is today. Reflecting on the journey of Milestones, Whitney emphasized: “Everything I do is for this beautiful community, so having the support of so many friends and even strangers means the world to me.”

One of the missions of Milestones is its unwavering commitment to providing enriching experiences for children beyond traditional daycare services. With separate classrooms for each age group, they are able to keep student to teacher ratios low. The center boasts a fully interactive art room, where children can channel their creativity and have fun. Additionally, a fenced-in
playground offers ample space for outdoor play and organized sports, promoting physical activity and social development. “We
will soon offer a full indoor children’s gym that will also be available to the community outside of daycare hours,” Whitney added.

Central to Milestones’ mission in Carrington is its dedication to supporting working families by offering comprehensive childcare and preschool services. By implementing the Learning Beyond Paper Curriculum, the center seamlessly integrates preschool education into its program, alleviating the cost for parents of having to pay for both childcare and preschool.

For Whitney, the joy of running Milestones extends far beyond the day-to-day operations. Interacting with the children, witnessing their growth and development, and building meaningful connections with families are among the most rewarding aspects of her role as founder and director. Whitney expressed, “I work really hard to be a trusted adult, mentor, and friend that every child needs and to provide a safe and nurturing environment that parents can feel confident dropping their children off at every day. Being a working parent is hard, and my only hope is that I can make it a little easier.”

In addition to its commitment to educational excellence, Milestones prioritizes the safety and security of its students and staff. “I love to keep my business local and give back to the community that has given so much to me, so it was a no-brainer when I learned Dakota Central offered [security systems] in addition to phone and internet services,” Whitney said. With the help of Dakota Central, the center has implemented a cutting-edge security system, as well as a feature-rich phone system and a secure and hassle-free managed Wi-Fi network, providing peace of mind for families and ensuring a secure environment for all. Managed services allow Whitney to hand off the worry and maintenance required in their phone, internet, and security systems to Dakota Central and focus on providing a safe place for children to learn and grow. “My security system gives me peace of mind and allows me to monitor from my phone if I’m ever out of the office,” Whitney mentioned.

As Milestones continues to evolve, its dedication to enriching the lives of children remains steadfast. With the unwavering
support of the community and the visionary leadership of Whitney, Milestones serves as a shining example of the positive impact that early childhood education can have in a community, laying the foundation for a brighter future for generations to come.