Business Spotlight: Zen Sleep Consulting

Zen Sleep Consulting_Annie Schlecht

This issue’s Business Spotlight is unique, as it is a 100% online based business with no storefront. Zen Sleep Consulting is based out of Annie Schlecht’s home in Wimbledon, ND. One would think that the business of sleep consulting would require in-person meetings, and while Annie does consult with each client face-to-face, it is all done over video conference. Zen Sleep Consulting’s mission is to “help parents feel calm and confident in their ability to get their child to sleep peacefully throughout the night (zensleepconsulting.com).” A majority of Annie’s work is done with children, but she also works with adults. The goal is to create a plan that works with the family’s current dynamic including routines and values.

Annie is a mom of two young girls and a wife to Tyler, who works in the agriculture industry. As a busy mom and wife, it is important to Annie to do work that she loves, but also have the flexibility for her children, especially during her husband’s busy seasons. With her background in Occupational Therapy and past work experiences, Annie took a leap and started a sleep consulting business right from her home. Virtually all of the work she does is over the Internet. Annie says, “Having a reliable connection at our home has given me the freedom and flexibility to have the career I want without geographical limits.” With a reliable broadband connection from Dakota Central, she is able to connect with families from all over the globe. “It allows me to have clients all over the world, like Germany, Abu Dhabi, Japan, all across the US, as well as throughout the state.”

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A typical client interaction begins by the client initiation via website or social media. Then, via email, they will schedule a free 15-minute sleep assessment which happens over the phone. Here she will explain her services in more detail and learn more about the client’s needs. After the sleep assessment they will communicate more via email, and set-up a video consultation. This is where a consistent connection is vital. Annie explained, “If I don’t have a strong connection and the video buffers or disconnects, that reflects on my business and the perceived quality of service I provide. I want my clients to have a great experience every time, which means I need a dependable internet connection.”

So far, Zen Sleep Consulting is the first and only business of its kind in the state of North Dakota. “Dakota Central has helped me pioneer this line of work; I’m grateful to be able to provide this service right from home,” Annie said. With a dream and Fiber-to-the-Home, Annie is able to run a professional business while raising a family in rural, small-town North Dakota.

To learn more about services provided by Zen Sleep Consulting, visit www.zensleepconsulting.com.

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