Dakota Central TV Channel Additions

We are excited to announce to addition of the highly requested Hallmark Drama channel! Featuring iconic dramas, original movies, series and timeless favorites!



Hallmark Drama channel


We have a few new High-Definition channels on the line-up,
just in time for fall sports!

BEK SPORTS PLUS HD – 720 & 721


It’s a GO! (HBO GO)

We are extremely excited to finally announce the launch of HBO GO and MAX GO! We’ll explain what this means to you: Dakota Central HBO and Cinemax subscribers can now watch their favorite shows and movies anytime, anywhere- at no extra cost. If you’re anything like us, this is a big deal! You want the freedom to be able to stream Game of Thrones (or whatever you’re into) when and where it’s convenient for you. We get it!

Not only does HBO offer original series like Game of Thrones and hit movies, you will also find a great variety for kids, sports, documentaries and more. It’s the perfect cure for your post-summer blues.

Sharp Objects (Series)
Succession (Series)
Insecure (Series)
Ballers (Series)
Hard Knocks (Sports)
Esme and Roy (Kids)
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (Movie)


Let’s work together!

consultation for business services
Business owners- are you lacking expertise for things like IT support, Hardware/Software and Network Management? Do you struggle to find advice for certain IT projects but can’t afford to hire an IT expert on-staff? We hear you, and we’re here for you.
  •         Network Management
  •         IT Support
  •         Remote Helpdesk Support
  •         Unattended Remote Support
  •         Performance and Preventative Maintenance
  •         Virus and Malware Removal
  •         Managed Firewall Services
Let’s work together to get your IT network in order, or simply have the peace of mind to know we have your back if you’re ever in a pickle!

Jamestown Office Addition

In case you haven’t heard yet, we have some exciting things happening in the Jamestown office! We are in the process of building an addition onto the existing office, which will allow for more workspace and storage, as well as a larger training area and conference room. Construction began in the beginning of May, and the project is expected to be completed by the end of the year. When construction is complete customer parking will remain the same, but there will be a new customer entrance to look for, on the South side of the new addition. We apologize for any inconvenience throughout the process, and we appreciate our customers’ patience! We are excited for the project to be complete!

3 Steps to Smooth Streaming

This NEVER-ENDING winter has us all going a little bonkers staying indoors, are we right? What we’ll call “bonus” winter weather also has us streaming to the MAX. So we thought we would drop you a few tips to make sure you are streaming seamlessly!


1-Check your connection: are you wired or wireless? If you are connected via Wi-Fi, that leaves more room for interference. If you are able to connect directly with an Ethernet cable, we recommend going that way.

2-Do a speed test: If your device is directly plugged in with an Ethernet cable, you should be close to your subscribed speed. If you are connected via Wi-Fi, you should be at around 80% of your subscribed speed. If you are not reaching those speeds- give us a call!

3-Router placement: Make sure your router is located centrally within your home. This way, any devices that are trying to connect over Wi-Fi should get a decent signal. If you still seem to have a slow connection or buffering, check the age of your router. If it is more than three years old, we recommend replacing the router (or ask us about our Managed Wi-Fi!).

If you’ve done these three steps and still don’t feel like your streaming experience is up to par, you may need to increase your speed. Our helpdesk staff is here for you- give us a call at 652.3184 or 952.1000 and ask for the Helpdesk!

Spring Sun Outages

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, you may experience brief television interference known as “sun outages” or “satellite sun fade.” This happens when energy from the sun overpowers satellites’ signals, which in turn causes interference with TV quality picture and sound. Interruption to TV service due to sun outages can last several minutes a day. Satellite sun fades typically occur between February and March in the spring, and September-October in the fall.

On the bright side, sun outages DO NOT affect Internet or Voice service!