Outage Status


01/05/24 Reason for Outage:

Routing security measures were implemented in the ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) database. The work was being performed at another North Dakota service provider. Dakota Central IP address blocks are numerically close and were incorrectly grouped into the configuration change. This caused upstream internet routers to reject Dakota Central IP address blocks since our advertised routes did not match the ARIN database. The ARIN database configuration changes were reversed, and service was restored. Dakota Central has since implemented independent security measures and monitoring to prevent this from occurring again.

Update 1:30 pm:
The upstream issue has been found and corrected. Internet services will gradually start to come back online as routers learn the corrected information but please be patient! Again, apologies for the interruption in service, we appreciate your understanding!
Update 12:30 pm:
We still have no ETA at this time, and are actively working to restore service.

01/04/24- 9:30 am
We are currently experiencing a system-wide outage mainly affecting internet services and some phone services. Technicians are actively working to restore service.