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We're here for you

At Dakota Central, we believe in providing local, reliable service to our customers. We don’t like to brag, but we are proud of our team and the relationships we’ve made with our customers. The most common words we hear describing our customer service are friendly, dependable, and responsive, which we think is pretty fitting. We care about our communities and are committed to providing the best technology available so that you can remain productive, efficient and innovative.

We're here to foster community

We feel that it is important to give back to our customers and communities, which is why we support your children, organizations, and local non-profits. We take pride in bringing people, business, and organizations together. After all, that is what being part of a community is all about!

Meet the board of directors

Doug Wede_21

Doug Wede


Edmunds Exchange

Kathy McCracken_21

Kathy McCracken


Grace City Exchange

Craig Hofmann_21

Craig Hoffmann

Medina Exchange

Gary Heintz_21

Gary Heintz

Bowdon Exchange

Luke Kutz

Luke Kutz

Sykeston Exchange

Craig Headland_21

Craig Headland

Ypsilanti Exchange

Rodney Suko_21

Rodney Suko

Windsor Exchange

Mitch Schulz_21

Mitch Schulz

Woodworth Exchange

Meet our employees

Management Team

Keith A. Larson

General Manager/Chief Executive Officer

Holly Utke

Chief Financial and Internal Operations Officer

John Cunningham

Chief Network Officer

Lori Solberg

Customer Support Manager