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What’s wrong with my phone? I have no dial tone or there is static on the line.

1. Make sure all the phone receivers in your house are in their cradles and placed correctly.
Check that every telephone line is properly plugged into its phone jack. If you have a problem with just one phone, plug a different phone into that jack. If the second phone works, the problem is most likely the first phone.

2. Call your home number with a cell phone to see what happens. You might hear the home phone ringing or it may go straight to voice mail, if you have it.
You also might get a busy signal or a hear message from the phone company saying the phone is out of service or your service has been disconnected. In the last two cases, contact us at 1.800.771.0974.

3. Unplug each phone and answering machine in your house from the phone jack and outlet, one at a time. Wait 30 seconds after unplugging the first device. Pick up another phone to see if there’s a dial tone — if there is, then the first phone may be faulty. If not, continue unplugging phones in the same way and check for dial tone. If you find a phone that doesn’t work, plug all your other phones back in and see if they work properly. The faulty phone should be replaced.