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E-mail Account Best Practices

As with many things new, it takes some time to adjust! With our recently updated e-mail accounts, we wanted to share some best practices, tips and tricks for your daktel.com e-mail.

eScout Quarantine Digest- the message you are probably receiving daily or weekly from eScout is another word for your Spam Quarantine Summary you had receive previously. This shows all the messages that have been delivered to your spam filter instead of your inbox. Unless you need to find a specific message in your spam filter, you can disregard this message. To adjust your protection level, click on the subject of one of the messages in the summary to visit eScout, or go to “e-scout.daktel.com,” then click on “Settings” on the left menu. There are two sections that show up in the digest also shows the delivered messages, the “Suspected Spam” is your actual spam, and the “Delivered Messages” section shows messages that were sent through to your inbox. We understand this can be confusing, but hopefully it’s starting to make a little more sense!

Speaking of spam filtering, if you are getting promotional emails in your actual inbox, you might want to unsubscribe to help clean up your inbox.

Another thing you can do you ensure your account is secure is to make sure you have a strong password.

Tips for Creating a Secure Password:

  • Longer = Stronger.
  • Use a random sequence of words and/or letters.
  • Add numbers to the base word to make it more secure.
  • Use punctuation and symbols to complicate it further.
  • Create complexity with upper and lowercase letters.
  • Generate similar but altered passwords for each account, using similar base words.

If all else fails, please call our helpdesk at 652-3184 or 952-1000