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Call Features

Call Waiting
If you’re on the phone and someone is trying to reach you, a “beep” tone tells you that a call is waiting.

Quickly press receiver button or flash key once and release it.
This puts the first call on hold and connects you to the second call.

To return to the first call, press receiver button or flash key once and release it.
You will connect with the first caller.

NOTE: You can switch between calls as often as you want by repeating
the steps above.

Cancel Call Waiting
Allows the customer to cancel call waiting for one call by dialing two digits. To deactivate this feature, just pick up the phone and touch *70. You will hear 3 beeps. Do not hang up. Dial the number you want to call. Call Waiting is automatically restored when you hang up. This service is provided free in conjunction with Call Waiting.

Caller ID
This service provides the name and number of the party calling you.

Caller Waiting ID
This service requires you to have subscribed to both Caller ID and Call Waiting. With Call Waiting ID, you can see who is calling you when you are on the phone with someone else. While you are on the phone, you will hear your call waiting tone to notify you that a second call is coming in. Within a few seconds after hearing the tone your Caller ID display (if your phone has capability) will show you who is calling on the second call.

Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding lets you transfer your incoming calls to another number. It’s great for the business person who wants to catch after-hours calls at home, or for anyone who doesn’t want to miss an important call.

To activate, pick up the phone and touch *72. Dial the number where you want your calls to be forwarded. You know your Call Forwarding feature is in effect when someone answers at the forwarding number. If there is no answer at the forwarding number, or if the line is busy, hang up and repeat the steps above. If you do so within two minutes, you’ll hear two beeps meaning your Call Forwarding is now working.

To deactivate call forwarding, pick up the phone and touch *73 and wait four seconds. Listen for two beeps. The Call Forwarding feature is no longer in effect, and calls will ring on your phone.

Call Forwarding – Don’t Answer
Redirects your telephone calls to another telephone number if you do not answer your telephone call within a pre-specified number of seconds (default is 20 seconds). The number of telephone seconds before your call is forwarded is determined by you, the subscriber, but set by the telephone company.
*92 – to activate
*93– to deactivate

Find Me
Allows an incoming call to one phone number to ring up to 6 other phones at the same time. Make it easy for friends, family or customers to find you without having to try a list of phone numbers.

Three Way Calling
Dial the first party and put the first call on hold by pressing the Flash button or quickly press the switch hook on your phone. After you hear a second dial tone, dial the telephone number of the second person. Press the Flash button or switch hook again, and all 3 parties will be connected on your call.