IPTV notice

Attention Dakota Central traditional TV customers:


If you have a set-top-box that looks like this connected to your TV, you may have noticed the box acting funny lately, like restarting (or re-booting) on its own. A recent software update has triggered this issue.  These set-top-boxes are reaching end-of-life, which means we won’t be able to support the equipment much longer. Until another update is available to fix the issue, we have had to look for other solutions.


First, we suggest a hard re-boot to the box by unplugging the power cord for about 30 seconds, and plugging back in. In many cases this will resolve the issue. If the problem continues, we recommend updating your TV to our streaming platform, which can be accessed on many different devices. Please give us a call at 952.1000 or 652.3184 if you have any questions!