Business Spotlight: The Full Monte

Business Spotlight_The Full Monte“Go big or go home.” When asked about the story behind the name of the salon, The Full Monte, owner Ariel Cole explained how she wanted to tribute her dad, Monte, but also convey the idea that the salon provides a full service experience and that she’s “all in.” She wanted to go big or go home.

The Full Monte Salon located downtown Jamestown offers a full menu including hair services, lash extensions and lifts, massages, waxing, and manicures/pedicures. Ariel and her dad recently remodeled the historic building on 1st Ave North, which was an old pharmacy. Original elements were kept to add character to the space, including brick walls with old square nails still protruding.

Even though the space includes touches of art and history, the salon is not behind when it comes to technology. To make sure the business runs as smooth and efficiently as possible, The Full Monte has Voice and Data services, as well as the new Small Business Managed Wi-Fi package. With Small Business Managed Wi-Fi, Dakota Central provides the Security Gateway Router with Long-Range Access Points, which comes with support and firmware updates. A feature that is perfect for a business like The Full Monte, is the ability to add a Guest Network with a unique network ID and password. This network ID and password can be given out to employees or clients to use while in the salon. With the Guest Network, we are able to set a dedicated amount of bandwidth that doesn’t take away from the main business network. Therefore, as the business owner Ariel can rest assured that guests and employees aren’t taking up valuable bandwidth needed to conduct business, like credit card processing.

fullmonte-9Along with a variety of hair and cosmetic products for sale, The Full Monte also has regional art on display for sale, which will rotate monthly with new pieces and artists. Currently displayed is art from local artist Regina Roach, and next up will be individual art from Anne Carlson students. Ariel explained that the art displayed adds another element to the salon by supporting local artists, but also helps build a sense of community. She said one of her main goals when opening the salon was to add value to downtown Jamestown. In the future, Ariel would like to expand the services offered as well as hold small events at The Full Monte, including regular art gatherings to help build the Downtown Art Market events.

To learn more about the services offered, visit Vagaro.com/TheFullMonte.