Business Spotlight – Don’s House of FLowers

What started out as a high school job, turned out to be a career and business venture for Cara Prescott, owner and operator of Don’s House of Flowers in Jamestown. The proud owner for 12 years, Cara has transformed Don’s House of Flowers from what was originally a floral shop and garden center to specializing in custom designed pieces.

After gaining knowledge of the basics from the original owner, Don, she went on to become certified in floral design after realizing that’s what she wanted to focus on.

“My passion is creating custom, unique arrangements for the special events in my customer’s lives,” Cara explained. The shop also has a variety of plants and décor for sale, which are great ideas for gifting.

When it comes to doing business, Don’s House of Flowers is completely internet based. From phones to orders, everything is connected online. Dakota Central recently installed a Cloud Voice system for Don’s House of Flowers, which is an internet-based phone system. This includes features like voicemail to e-mail, easy web management, conferencing, and call forwarding. A stable internet connection and business-class Managed Wi-Fi is also crucial for online ordering and order management.

“When deciding on a provider, the most important factors were dependable service and the ability to call local support and speak to a live representative,” Cara said. “Dakota Central checked those two boxes, and we were pleasantly surprised that the price was comparable to our previous service as well.”

Because Don’s House of Flowers operates with a small crew, local support is important if they have any issues.

“I appreciate the fact that I can call when I have an issue and speak to someone right away, and I know they will take care of it,” Cara explained. Dakota Central is happy to provide service and support to Don’s House of Flowers, so they can focus on doing what they do best, creating beautiful and meaningful arrangements for special occasions.

Cara and her crew are in the midst of their busy season, but said she has expansion plans in the works for when the time is right.

To check out Don’s House of Flowers online, visit www.donshouseofflowers.com.