Gadget Gift Guide 2023

This holiday season, make a statement with gifts that go beyond the ordinary. Dive into our Gadget Gift Guide and discover the perfect tech treasures that will leave your loved ones in awe!

Portable Projector

For the movie lover

An affordable option for home use, the TOPTRO portable projector can help you create your dream home theater. Using an ultra-fast 5 gHz Wi-Fi connection, it makes movie night a breeze. Popcorn not included. Currently available at Walmart for $99.99.

TOPTRO Portable Projector, 5G WiFi Bluetooth 5.2, 1080P Supported, for Home Theater, Outdoor Party, Gifts for Famlily – Walmart.com

Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder

For the avid birdwatcher

See bird friends up close and personal with this smart bird feeder. With a high-resolution smart camera and bird arrival notifications, the AI bird species recognition and in-app learning experience will make them the bird expert they’ve always strived to be. Available from mybirdbuddy.com starting at $199.99.

Bird Buddy: Home (mybirdbuddy.com)

Oura Ring

For the health nut

One of the smartest health wearables recently developed, this ring accurately tracks heart rate, sleep cycles, and activity, then provides insight and guidance based on what it tracks. Considering how discreet it is, that’s quite a feat of engineering. Available from ouraring.com for $299.

Oura Ring. Smart Ring for Fitness, Stress, Sleep & Health.

Meater Smart Thermometer

For the grill master

This wireless thermometer takes incredibly accurate readings in two seconds and paired with the mobile app, will have you cooking like a pro. Giving you suggested cook times to reach desired results, you’ll achieve grilling perfection every time! Available at meater.com for around $80.

MEATERĀ® | Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer | For BBQ & Kitchen Cooking

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden

For the (not so) green thumb

It’s nearly impossible to accidentally kill anything growing in this self-watering, self-lit planter. The AeroGarden Harvest is an indoor hydroponic gardening system that grows vegetables, herbs, and flowers in water without the mess of soil. Available at aerogarden.com starting at $48.97.

AeroGarden: Indoor Gardens, Grow Lights, Seed Kits and More

Hatch Restore

For the night owls

Short of sleeping potion, Hatch’s sound and light machines help even the worst sleepers catch some quality zzz’s. Or choose the Rest version, made specially for littles. Everyone will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day! Available from hatch.co starting at $69.99.

Devices to Help You Sleep Better | Hatch