Copyright Infringement Notification

We are all familiar with copyright laws, but what exactly is considered copyright infringement? 
The most common infringement is the illegal file-sharing of copyrighted materials, such as music and videos. Copyright infringement also includes illegally downloading movies, games, or music. It happens more than you think! 

In order to reduce the number of infringements, consumers need to be educated on what is unacceptable.
Dakota Central has implemented an application that informs our customers when there has been a violation of copyright laws. The customer will receive a copyright infringement notification when an incident has occurred, and users will be required to acknowledge the notification in order to dismiss it. Details of the infringement will be provided, so as to educate users on what is considered copyrighted material. Recurring incidents may cause Dakota Central to disconnect services. 

This is an example of the notification customers would see if there is a violation: