Business Spotlight: Triumph, Inc.

You may not have heard of “Triumph Incorporated,” but chances are you have seen the works of Triumph throughout the community. Triumph is an organization that provides an environment for individuals with disabilities to gain independence through activities like volunteerism or employment opportunities. Their mission: “to assist our individuals in achieving their specific goals. This being accomplished through a teamwork approach utilizing the talents and resources of the individual, the provider, the company, the community, and the employer.” With the help of direct support professionals and inclusive workplaces, individuals with disabilities can be involved in the community in ways they wouldn’t be otherwise. Beyond that, Triumph strives to create an all-inclusive environment for all individuals; an environment that is safe, fun and that feels like a family.

Triumph was founded 2009 by Ann Ede, Jennifer Barnard and Don Elstad.  They started out small, or as they would say, “from humble beginnings.” Over the years the demand for their services in the community has grown. Business Assistant/Human Resources Hayley Wolf stated, “Without the support we’ve received from the community, we wouldn’t be where we are today.” As the company grew, so did the need for a larger facility. On March 8th, they purchased the new facility and on March 14th the state shutdown due to the pandemic.  According to Hayley, it was a very trying time to completely move the business. “We’ve had to get creative with COVID restrictions and safety precautions while still providing services to the individuals, but we’re making it work. Hayley said.

Dr. Dawn (left) is one of the employers in Jamestown that offers an inclusive workplace. Kelly (right) has a paid position at Dr. Dawn’s Pet Stop, and loves working at the vet clinic!


Many changes had to be made in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, as they are typically very hands-on by nature. “Pre-COVID, we would do weekly enrichment or education classes, yoga classes with the individuals, as well as fun games like bingo,” Hayley explained. “Zoom has been one of the most helpful tools we use daily, because it allows us to do those activities in a different way. It also helps us stay connected and maintain that family atmosphere we work hard to create.” Dakota Central provides Triumph with Internet service as well as business-class Managed Wi-Fi, which enables them to do all of those things online.


When moving to the new location they also quickly realized with more space the staff would be more spread out, so they would need an efficient way to communicate throughout the day. Dakota Central installed a Cloud Voice system throughout the facility, which is a voice-over IP based system. “Between eight administrative staff members we are constantly calling each other and transferring calls,” Hayley said. “Our new phone system has improved our operations immensely. It has been great.”

At Triumph, providing a safe environment for the individuals they work with is very important. “Because we moved to a new neighborhood and a larger facility, we also needed a security system,” Hayley said. Hayley also explained that because the move happened during such a hectic time, the staff at Triumph were happy Dakota Central was able to take care of the security system for them. “At one point we were going to have Ann and Jennie’s husbands do it, but we’re glad Dakota Central was able to take care of it all,” Hayley laughed. “Everyone at Dakota Central was great to work with and extremely helpful. It was nice to know we could pick up the phone and call whenever we needed help.”

Now that they are settled into the new location, the staff and individuals at Triumph are getting used to the “new normal” and are happy with the additional space and tools available to them. Dakota Central is proud to serve such a great organization that gives back to the community as much as the community gives to them!