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Your DIGTIAL TV user guide

Here is your all-inclusive guide to the best Digital TV experience! We’ve got everything to know about your digital TV service and more. Get started below!

Running a little late and missed the beginning of your show? Restart it!

Restart TV programming is indicated by the green and white Restart icon next to the channel in the on-screen Program Guide.

Highlight the program and press the GREEN button on your remote to Restart and watch from the beginning.


  • Press GUIDE on your remote. Highlight the programming you would like to record and press the red record button on your remote. A small red dot will appear on the programming timeframe.
  • You can also record programming by using the SEARCH option in your MENU or by pressing the red record button on your remote during any live programming.


  • Choose program from guide and press OK
  • Select Record Series
  • Select Edit Recording. This menu will allow you to customize your series recording. If you would like only new episodes to record, arrow over to RECORD WHICH EPISODES & select > to change your options to NEW ONLY. If you would like all episodes ro record, leave the option as ALL EPISODES.
  • Your series recording can be customized by changing the options listed on this screen. To save your settings select OK.
  • Press the exit button to return to regular programming.


  • Press MENU on your remote. Select RECORDINGS, then choose from current, future, or series. A list of programs will appear.
  • Select the recording you would like to view or edit and press the PLAY button or OK on your remote to edit the recording.


  • Download the Apple or Android mobile app “MyTVs”
  • Add account by finding and entering the Device Code on your TV guide [Menu/Settings/Apps/Device Code]
  • Click “Pair Device” and you are set!

If you are a Dakota Central telephone subscriber, you can have your caller ID display on the TV. Your Recent Calls will also store recent caller ID information.

Access Recent Calls by pressing the Green button on the remote control. To delete an entry on the Recent Calls list, highlight it and press the Red button on the remote control.

  • Access the Main Menu and select My Settings, then arrow to the right, highlight Parental and press the OK button, you will find Parental Control options to Change PIN, Edit locked, Set Ratings, Time Restrictions, Cancel Override, and Options.
    1. Within the Parental menu, arrow to the right and select the Change PIN category )For the Ratings PIN or Purchase PIN)
    2. Use the arrow button to highlight change PIN and press the OK button.
    3. Enter the Old PIN, arrow down and enter your New PIN, and then arrow down to confirm the New PIN. Select OK to save your new PIN. Until you change it, the default PIN is 0000.
    4. Once the PIN has been successfully changed, a prompt will appear. Press the OK button.


  • Select the MENU button on your remote control. Select My Apps, highlight Weather, and select the OK button.
  • A window will appear on the screen with the most current weather data for the selected area. To receive weather information from a different location, select a new location within My Settings.
  • To access the Forecast portion of the Weather application, select the Green button within the application window.
  • To access the Radar portion of the Weather app, select the Yellow button within the application window.
Pay Per View events may be purchased through the program guide on channels 490/492 HD (Event TV). Programs that are available for Pay Per View purchase will appear in the program guide with a PPV gold ticket symbol, the event price, and the air time. To purchase a Pay Per View event:
  • Select the Pay Per View event and press the OK button.
  • A Purchase Information window will appear showing
    Event (Title)
    Start Time
    End Time
  • You may also select whether or not the purchased Pay Per View event should be shared with all set top boxes in the defined Whole Home Group. Unless the Share Whole Home field is set to “Yes,” the Pay Per View event will only be viewable on the set top box that the event is purchased from.
  • Enter your Purchase PIN.
  • Select Purchase.
  • A Confirm Purchase window will appear showing the Pay Per View event purchase information. The event will have a reminder automatically added once the purchase is confirmed. Select Confirm Purchase.
  • Once the Pay Per View event has been purchased, the event will show a PPV ticket icon within the guide.

If you are new to our Digital TV service, we have an archive of video tutorials that will walk you through tips and tricks of your Digital TV service, like settings, how to use the interactive guide, your phone menu, and more!

Click here to visit the video archive and get started!