Tech Tip Thursday

Introducing…Tech Tip Thursday!

We are excited to launch our BRAND NEW social media series where we will share answers to the most frequently asked questions about technology, tips and tricks and most importantly, any questions you may have for us! We will share helpful apps, scam alerts, product reviews, and so much more!

On this week’s episode we share with you some helpful tips when streaming your TV content, as well as a helpful app you didn’t even know you had on your device! If there is a topic you would like to learn more about, please comment on the video and we will get it covered!

Visit our YouTube channel, Facebook or Instagram profile (IGTV) Thursday nights at 7 PM to catch the newest episodes!

Episode 1 – Intro and Apple TV app
Episode 2 – All about Alexa
Episode 3 – Instagram
Episode 4 – Reboot vs. Restart
Episode 5 – Passwords

Episode 6 – Email Spam Filter
Episode 7 – MyTVs mobile app

Episode 8 – Wi-Fi Tips
Episode 9 – Call Screening

Episode 10 – Mesh Wi-Fi

Episode 11 – Apple Music Family Sharing