Business Spotlight: Jamestown Regional Airport

Small, but mighty. Jamestown Regional Airport is a small facility in comparison to other airports, but being small does have its advantages. Jamestown Regional Airport is strictly a United Airlines terminal, with flights departing and arriving twice a day, 7 days a week. Operating with four full-time and four seasonal/part-time employees, it’s a small staff but efficient.

Airport Director Katie Hemmer says the biggest advantage of flying locally out of Jamestown is the convenience factor, or many factors in their case. It’s a short drive to the airport, whether you live in Jamestown or the surrounding area. Parking is close, quick and free (triple bonus!). Wait times are also short, from checking in to boarding to baggage claim. The terminal has all the amenities of larger airports, like check-in kiosks, clean restrooms, rental car service and TV service, all without the stress and hassle. Another important amenity to customers is free Wi-Fi. Dakota Central provides business-class managed Wi-Fi throughout the facility, which gives the airport a secured network for conducting business, TSA purposes, etc., as well as a separate, unsecured guest network to allow customers to access Wi-Fi without entering a Network ID and password. Many customers check-in to their flight and monitor flight status on their devices, so having free and reliable Wi-Fi is a must!

DC_Jamestown Airport-2

Katie explained that almost everything they do is over an internet connection, from credit card processing, conference calls, digital record-keeping to their Hosted Voice phone system. “We needed to update our previous phone system, and it just made sense to switch to a Hosted system,” Katie said. The Hosted Voice system throughout the facility connects through the Internet which is typically an improvement in call quality over traditional systems, in terms of sound and clarity. Hosted Voice systems are also a convenient and user-friendly alternative to a traditional system.

In a digital world, being connected- and connected well- is important in order to operate efficiently.  Jamestown Regional Airport is well connected and provides the same conveniences as larger airports, but also has its own unique advantages that will make you re-think the drive to another hub in the state.