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Wireless Router Security Setup

If you have a wireless network, it is recommended that you encrypt it or password protect it so that someone can’t access your network without your permission. This can be done by installing the CD that came with your router and going through the setup, or by accessing the web based user interface for your router.

To access the user interface, open a browser window, i.e., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or whatever browser you use. Click in the address line at the top, and erase what’s in there. Then type in the IP address for your router’s gateway and click the “go” button, or the “arrow pointing to the right” of the address bar to go. That should bring up a login window for your router.

Here is a list of the most common routers and their default login information:

Router Gateway Address User Name Password                                        

Linksys (Cisco) admin

D-Link admin

Netgear admin password


Buffalo root

The exact steps to configure the encryption once you are logged in will vary per model. You should locate the wireless settings and wireless security. If your router has the option for WPA Personal, use that. It is the most secure. You will want to write the password or security key down so if you have another wireless device you can connect it also.

Once you have encrypted it, you will need to connect your wireless device to it. When you see the network, click to connect, and it should prompt you for the security key or passphrase. Enter the key and connect. After it’s connected, the connection on your wireless device should be stored and connect automatically the next time it is turned on.