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Setup Email on my Smartphone or Other Device

We know how important it is to have access to your email at all times! However, there are a few things to consider when setting up an email account on smart phones or other mobile devices:

1. How would you like to manage your account and where would you like to store your messages?
2. Storage limits, 100 Mb for a standard DCT email account.
3. How many devices will you be checking your email on.

To set up email on Apple Devices:
From the iPhone or iPad home screen, tap Settings
Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then Add Account.
Tap Other.
Tap Add Mail Account.
Enter Name, Daktel.com email address, Password, and Description, then tap Next or Save.
Tap POP or IMAP.
Under Incoming Mail Server, enter the incoming mail server settings, user name, and password.
Host Name- mail.daktel.com
Username- your full email address (ex. helpdesk@daktel.com)
Password- your Daktel.com email password
Under Outgoing Mail Server, enter the outgoing mail server settings, user name and password.
Host Name- smtp.daktel.com
Username- your full email address (ex. helpdesk@daktel.com)
Password- your Daktel.com email password
Tap Save.

For email on other Smartphones and devices:
The email application on your smartphone will need the following settings to be set up correctly:
* Your email address and password
* Your Username is your full email address (i.e. helpdesk@daktel.com)
* Incoming email server: mail.daktel.com
* Outgoing email server: smtp.daktel.com
* Authentication is required for the outgoing mail server.

Types of Setup:
IMAP Configuration is preferred when multiple devices are used to access the same email account because messages remain on the server until deleted or moved to a local folder. If you set up your smartphone using IMAP, be sure that all other devices are also configured for IMAP to avoid any unwanted email experiences.

Although not recommended for smartphones, POP3 configuration may be used when a single device is used to access the email account because messages are downloaded from the server and will stay on the device until deleted. No other device or computer will be able to view or download messages from an account that has been configured as a POP3. Be sure you have sufficient storage on your phone or device for the messages you will be storing.

Please remember when you set frequency to fetch new data, that the more often you check, the more battery you’ll consume. For assistance in setting up your email accounts, please call 1.800.771.0974 and ask for the Helpdesk!