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Program your Amazon FireTV Remote

Step-by-Step instructions for programming your Amazon Fire TV stick remote to your TV

If you’ve missed the remote set up prompt or moved your Fire TV stick to a different TV, don’t worry! You can program your Amazon remote to any compatible TV which allows you to control the TV volume and turn the power on/off.

*You must have an Amazon Fire TV generation 3 or higher to control power and volume. Older TV’s may not be compatible with the Amazon remote

View our Amazon Fire Remote Guide here.

1- Press the Home button to go to the Amazon Home screen

2- Press up to highlight the top Menu items, and scroll all the way to the right and select Settings

3- Scroll to the right and select Equipment Control

4- Select Manage Equipment

5- Select TV

6- Scroll down and select Change TV

7- Message will say “Change TV?” Select Change TV to confirm and start setup. You’ll get the message “Please wait while we prepare your remote for setup”

8- Follow the on-screen instructions to complete remote setup.

You’re ready to go!