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How-To: Pin the Dakota Central TV App to the Home Screen

To keep the Dakota Central TV App front and center, pin it to the front of your app list.

  1. On the Fire TV Stick Home menu, press the Navigation button down to highlight the first app in the “Your Apps and Channels” selection. The selected app will look larger than the others.
  2. Once there, press left on the Navigation button to See All. Press the Select button.
  3. Press up, down, left and right on the Navigation button to locate and highlight the Dakota Central TV app. The app will appear larger than the others when highlighted.
  4. You will now see Options in the lower right corner of the screen; press the options button (three horizontal lines).
  5. More options will appear. Using the Navigation button, press down to highlight ‘Move to front’ and press the Select button. The Dakota Central app will now move to the front of all other apps.

Refer to the picture below for a guide to your Amazon Firestick remote buttons.