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DVR Instructions

Record a show and watch it later…that’s the beauty of DVR!

To record programming:
•Press GUIDE on your remote. Highlight the programming you would like to record and press the red record button on your remote. A small red dot will appear on that programming timeframe.
•You can also record programming by using the SEARCH option in your MENU or by pressing the red record button on your remote during any live programming.

To record a series:
•Choose program from guide and press OK.
•Select Record Series
•Select Edit Recording. This menu will allow you to customize your series recording. If you would like only new episodes to record, arrow over to RECORD WHICH EPISODES & select > to change your options to NEW ONLY. If you would like all episodes to record, leave the option as ALL EPISODES
•Your series recording can be customized by changing the options listed on this screen. To save your settings select OK.
•Press your exit button to return to regular programming

To view recorded programming:
•Press MENU on your remote. Select RECORDINGS, then choose from current, future, or series. A list of  programs will appear.
•Select the recording you would like to view or edit and press the PLAY button or OK on your remote to edit the recording.

To schedule a recording online, log in to My DCTV.