Wi-Fi App How-To Videos

Did you know there’s an app for your Wi-Fi? There are many benefits to using the CommandIQ app, so let’s get your app set up!

Now that you’re all set up, here’s a quick overview of the app and the main dashboard!

How to Clear Your Fire TV Stick Cache

If your Amazon Fire TV Stick seems sluggish or buffers frequently, there is a fix! Follow the steps below to clear the cache on your Fire Stick:

  • From the Fire TV menu, select Settings.
  • Go to Applications.
  • In Manage Installed Applications, select the Dakota Central app.
  • Select Clear Cache, and then Clear Data.
  • Re-open the Dakota Central app and log in.

Now you should experience smooth streaming again!

TV App Virtual Demo

Let’s take a virtual tour of the Dakota Central TV app! This 2-minute video highlights the features and benefits of the Dakota Central TV app- available to stream on Amazon, Apple and Android devices!

Campground Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is available at Spiritwood Lake, Pelican Point and Smokey’s Landing! Here’s how to connect:

· In your Wi-Fi settings, find the network “Campground_Wifi” at Pelican Point or Smokey’s Landing, or “Spiritwood_Lake_Campground” at Spiritwood Lake.

· Choose the network, and this page will pop-up in your web browser:

· If you choose “Free Access” you will have access to Wi-Fi for 15 minutes.

· Once the 15 minutes have expired you will need to subscribe to a plan in order to continue using Wi-Fi.

· To subscribe, click “Sign Up” under Subscribe Now! and choose your plan.

If you have issues connecting, call 952-1000 and we’ll be happy to help!

Manage Recordings

Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV

There are two tabs: Recorded (programs that are available to view) and Scheduled (upcoming programs that are scheduled to record). Content is grouped by Series and Movies within each tab section.

When the user selects a series, the user sees a list of the recorded episodes. In addition to various actions that can be taken. These actions take effect either at the series level or the episode level.

At the episode level, the user can choose the following actions: Play, Info (visit the details page) or Delete. If the episode is currently recording, the user will see two additional options: Stop (ends the recording at its current position) and Extend (enables users to add additional time to the recording which is primarily relevant for sports programming). 

At the series level, the user can choose from the following actions: Recording Options, Cancel Series Recording, or Delete all Recordings.

  • Recording Options. When selected, an additional menu appears in which the user can select to record New Only or New & Reruns. The user may also indicate the channels on which they would like to record the series and whether they would like to extend the recording on an ongoing basis.
  • Cancel Series Recording. When selected, a message will appear requesting confirmation that the user would like to setup an ongoing recording for or cancel all future recordings. This action does not delete any recordings.
  • Delete All Recordings. When selected, a message will appear requesting confirmation that the user would like to delete all existing episode recordings. This action does not affect the status of ongoing scheduled recordings.

When the user selects a movie from the Recorded content list, on overlay will appear with the options of Play, Stop, and Info.

If the user wants to cancel a recording that is in progress, they may select stop recording from the inline info module on the live guide, and a dialogue box will appear verifying that they no longer want to record the program.



Recorded Episode List

Android Tablet

Parental Controls

Parental controls enable users to restrict mature content. When parental controls are enabled, the user will need to enter a PIN to play any content with a parental guidance rating of TV-MA, R, NC-17 or NR regardless of the profile.

In order to set up parental controls, the user will need to set up a PIN, which will remain until the it is changed. When parental controls are enabled, they will take effect on all devices associated with the account.

If the user does not remember their PIN, there is an option to select Forgot Pin. This will bring up Operator’s support number that the user may call for assistance.

TV – Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV


Profiles allow households with multiple members to have a truly personalized experience in terms of recommendations, resume watching, recently watched and subscriptions. 

Adding and managing profiles can be performed on the Manage Profiles screen available from settings on TV and PC. 

Each time an authenticated user launches the app and there is more than one profile on the account, a Who’s Watching? screen appears.

Given that phones are not shared by multiple individuals in the same way that a tablet, TV or PC can be, the last active profile on the device will be automatically active for mobile users (i.e., they will not see the Who’s Watching? screen) unless they switch profiles from settings or have just finished successfully entering in their username and password on account with multiple profiles.

Program your Amazon FireTV Remote

Step-by-Step instructions for programming your Amazon Fire TV stick remote to your TV

If you’ve missed the remote set up prompt or moved your Fire TV stick to a different TV, don’t worry! You can program your Amazon remote to any compatible TV which allows you to control the TV volume and turn the power on/off.

*You must have an Amazon Fire TV generation 3 or higher to control power and volume. Older TV’s may not be compatible with the Amazon remote

View our Amazon Fire Remote Guide here.

1- Press the Home button to go to the Amazon Home screen

2- Press up to highlight the top Menu items, and scroll all the way to the right and select Settings

3- Scroll to the right and select Equipment Control

4- Select Manage Equipment

5- Select TV

6- Scroll down and select Change TV

7- Message will say “Change TV?” Select Change TV to confirm and start setup. You’ll get the message “Please wait while we prepare your remote for setup”

8- Follow the on-screen instructions to complete remote setup.

You’re ready to go!