Change your Daktel Email Password

Need to change the password for your email? No problem! Just follow the link below and sign in using your current log-in information...

Tips for Creating a Secure Password:

• Longer = Stronger.
• Use a random sequence of words and/or letters.
• Add numbers to the base word to make it more secure.
• Use punctuation and symbols to complicate it further.
• Create complexity with upper and lowercase letters.
• Generate similar but altered passwords for each account, using similar base words.

Do not:
• Use your name, children, or pet’s names.
• Use obvious numbers like your birth date, phone number, or address.
• Write your passwords in a conspicuous place that can be easily seen.
• Re-use an expired password.


Stay connected to those who matter most with unlimited local calling and advanced calling features. Digital phone service is included in all service packages.


Providing the fastest High Speed Internet around with speeds starting at 20M…you have everything you need right at your finger tips!


Hundreds of channels, High Definition, DVR, movies, sports packages, and more!

The technician that installed my wireless router was top notch! He was very patient and polite when explaining the process to me. Very impressed!

- Delores, Jamestown

My favorite thing from DCT is my whole-home DVR. I love being able to record and watch shows on any TV in the house...after having it, I couldn’t live without it!

- Angie, Jamestown