Program My Remote

Amino 140/540 Remote

Auto Program (Search for a code)

1. Turn the TV on.

2. Press TV, it will blink once.

3. Press and hold SETUP, the TV key will blink twice.

4. Press 9-9-1, the TV key will blink once.

5. Press and release the CH+ key continuously, then stop when the TV turns off.

6. Press SETUP to save code.

Easy/Polaris Remote

*To find your TV code, click here.

To search for a code automatically:

*Make sure the TV is turned ON.

1.  Press the TV power key. 

2.  Press and hold SETUP until the TV power key blinks twice, then release.

3.  Enter 9-9-1 on the number keys.

4.  Press CH+ key repeatedly until the TV turns OFF.

5.  Press SETUP to save the code.


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