3 Steps to Smooth Streaming

Posted by Dakota Central 4/11/2018 3:07:53 PM

This NEVER-ENDING winter has us all going a little  bonkers staying indoors, are we right? What we’ll call “bonus” winter weather also has us streaming to the MAX. So we thought we would drop you a few tips to make sure you are streaming seamlessly!


1-Check your connection: are you wired or wireless? If you are connected via Wi-Fi, that leaves more room for interference. If you are able to connect directly with an Ethernet cable, we recommend going that way.

2-Do a speed test: If your device is directly plugged in with an Ethernet cable, you should be close to your subscribed speed. If you are connected via Wi-Fi, you should be at around 80% of your subscribed speed. If you are not reaching those speeds- give us a call!

3-Router placement: Make sure your router is located centrally within your home. This way, any devices that are trying to connect over Wi-Fi should get a decent signal. If you still seem to have a slow connection or buffering, check the age of your router. If it is more than three years old, we recommend replacing the router (or ask us about our Managed Wi-Fi!).

If you’ve done these three steps and still don’t feel like your streaming experience is up to par, you may need to increase your speed. Our helpdesk staff is here for you- give us a call at 652.3184 or 952.1000 and ask for the Helpdesk!


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